Hi! This is a home page to host my Neocities projects, some art, ramblings, and links to things I found helpful or interesting!

Under construction

Still definitely under construction.

14 May 2022

Time to dust off this update page again! This redesign was almost ready to launch about 3 months ago but I nearly forgot about it while I was updating 90's Resort! ^^; I've been updating it on a weekly basis with new material and WIPs to keep viewers informed.

I had plans to launch this site redesign with at least a few other pages, like how 90's Resort was launched with a few other pages, but that'd take too long and I might forget about this again. For now, behold this new layout! The next addition to this site would be an About page.

A few more web buttons were added to the sidebar, and I have some ideas for more I could create! Those could also be one of the next updates!

Feb 2022

This page was quickly thrown together in November just so I had an index page, since I began the development of a Neocities site with 90's Resort in mind as my flagship project, and it was ready to launch. It was about time that this page which could grow to host multiple projects gets a makeover that'd also better organize the ramblings and art I've posted here!

Inspiration for this redesign came from seeing several other personal pages on Neocities, which also jogged my memory of 2000's personal sites. The general layout is up, but more refinements will be made to it with more practice coding. Unlike 90's Resort, which deliberately uses tables for that 90's Web feel, this page uses divs and will be more inspired by the web of the 2000's.

I got help from some nice people for help making a grid layout!

This CSS Grid Generator is a great resource for getting started, and was recommended to me. When I have the Links page up, and have a section for resources, this will definitely be on the list!

The under construction GIF is from AnimatedGif.net, a great resource I found for free animated GIFs!

17 Feb 2022

The inspiration for these buttons came from a discussion about cilantro! Like cilantro? Dislike it? Feel free to express your stance with these buttons on your site!

Cilantro Now! Cilantro No!

29 Jan 2022

I've made several updates to 90's Resort since I posted an update here. 90's Resort is my flagship project on Neocities that the updates would be taking up nearly this entire page if I posted them here every time I updated. On average, 90's Resort has new updates weekly, and they're usually on the weekend (and is about to again as I type this)!

When a new episode hasn't been published that weekend, I've been posting WIPs more often.

There are still some ideas that I'm thinking about posting on this index page. I've been drafting a creation philosophy page and a small web manifesto page and both of them might be more fitting here.

3 Jan 2022

A belated happy new year!

This is my first drawing I started this year. I wanted to practice more pixel art and working with limited color pallettes, and fireworks were a fitting way to start with it.

Red and blue fireworks illuminate the night sky.

20 Nov 2021

More pages have been added to 90's R e s o r t since the 15th! The Scattered Archives were added today!

15 Nov 2021

Magical Renegades 90's R e s o r t is open!

Several of the pages that were ready for the launch were uploaded today. The page about the main series and one of the spin-offs are in-progress and will be the next updates.

7 Nov 2021

It's launch time!

In all of the time that I've spent so far creating material for the two projects that will be hosted here, creating the sites for them and getting them ready enough for their launches, I almost forgot to put together this index page!

That was another obstacle that was keeping them from being ready to launch, and it wasn't wise for me to juggle multiple projects when they slowed each other down into development hell, though I've also had a lot going in my life as of late that slowed me down further. :-(

Despite everything that's been going on or still affecting me, I never gave up on preparing for the launch of these projects, even when I had to put any of them on the backburner. I always made incremental progress on either of them each day, and saw getting any made in the day as a success!

I've gotten far enough with both of them that they will soon be ready to launch!

There are buttons I made. Feel free to use them for your site!